Trieste, February 19, 2021 – The 2021 sailing season opens with a new series dedicated to maxi sailing. Maxi Yacht Adriatic Series (MYAS)  comes from a close collaboration between the cities of Trieste and Venice with the aim of further expanding the regatta field to other locations in the near future.

Yacht Club Adriaco, seeing an opportunity for synergy, teamed up with two other historic sailing clubs in the area, Società Nautica PietasJulia di Sistiana (founded in Pola in 1886) and Compagnia della Vela di Venezia, to bring together four major historic inshore and offshore regattas in the Adriatic for the maxi fleet. The new format is optimal for owners, maxi teams and organizers of the individual regattas who have all seen steady increases in participation in recent years.

The new circuit takes place between the end of September and the end of October, thereby creating additional competitive opportunities for the maxi season which historically takes place in the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean from May to September.The first event is the oldest offshore regatta in the Adriatic, Trieste – San Giovanni in Pelago – Trieste (scheduled for the night between Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September) organized by Yacht Club Adriaco. This year’s regatta, whose racing field covers waters in three different countries, will be a special one to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary.

The second event of the Maxi Yacht Adriatic Series is scheduled for the first Sunday in October with the classic Bernetti Trophy sponsored by Società Nautica Pietas Julia, now officially in its fiftieth edition (since it took the name of the club’s late  Guido Bernetti) it actually started four years earlier.

The second edition of the Trieste Venezia – Two Cities One Sea Regatta (organized by Yacht Club Adriaco with logistical assistance from Yacht Club Venezia) is an ideal link between the two seaside cities and marks an important transition scheduled for Sunday 17 October with the Veleziana (edition 14), organized by Compagnia della Vela. All regattas of the MYAS circuit will have a compensation formula with identical coefficients for each single regatta.


Alberto Leghissa – helmsman, Anywave Safilens – “We are happy to see how active our Gulf is in promoting sailing and consequently the teams who have always believed in, and continue to invest in, maxi regattas. The new MYAS circuit enters our competitive calendar and we can’t wait to face off with of with our rivals in a month of great events and a compensation formula that allows everyone to best demonstrate their value without compromise.”   

Furio Benussi – helmsman, Arca SGR – “My team fully supports the will and vision of those who activated the synergy between three great Yacht Clubs in the interest of all regatta participants and the public. A maxi challenge is demanding from every angle; knowing that the hard work of the maxi teams, which spreads over 365 days between shipyard, budget management, planning and logistics, can now be maximized in terms of organization, communication and promotion by location and Yacht Clubs, can only gratify and offer incentive to do even more. It is a bar that continues to rise for everyone, which can only bring good to the sailing world.”   

Piero Fornasaro De Manzini – President, Adriaco Yacht Club – “Sailing continues to live and grow with different impulses emerging primarily from the sailing teams that dedicate themselves throughout the year to preparing for their own challenges. In this scenario, Yacht Clubs are no longer spectators but rather play a role in supporting the sailing system, in this case the world of maxi racing yachts, which is one of the many expressions of our sport.  Yacht Club Adriaco believes in this mission along with investing in new generations through the sailing school and youth teams. Our commitment is similar to many other associations. I thank our friends from Società Nautica Pieta Julia and Compagnia della Vela who immediately welcomed our idea by adding their main events to the MYAS circuit.”  

Gianfranco Zotta – President, Società Nautica Pietas Julia  – “Three clubs that think and experience sailing in the same way could only join forces in a common project aimed primarily at those who believe in what we are doing and invest directly by taking part in the regattas. It will also be a great opportunity for exchanging ideas and growing for all parties involved, including racers and organizers. We therefore go down this new path with great enthusiasm along with some of the best and most successful teams from our Gulf and beyond.”  

Pier Vettor Grimani – President, Compagnia della Vela  – “Two great cities like Trieste and Venice become even closer through great sailing. Our Club accepted the invitation to participate with the Veleziana, our regatta which continues to grow with each edition. We feel especially gratified because it creates even greater visibility and participation for our regatta and allows us to collaborate with other clubs that love our sport as much as we do. Our Yacht Club friends never stop working, even at this particular moment. They are always thinking about how to always bring new energy to sailing.”




3 october, 50th BERNETTI TROPHY


17 october, VELEZIANA